What this non-skin therapist learned!

Off to Calgary I went with Christine and Vikki this Sunday/Monday for Dermalogica training.  It has been awhile since I was able to attend so I was excited to get back into it.  Even as a non-skin therapist I still learned a lot and wanted to share with you some tips and tricks, whys and why nots!

Here we go…

  • Do you experience a breakout every month around the time of your cycle?  Start treating the area around day 14 to help prevent or lessen the breakout!
  • Do you suffer from adult acne?  This is generally genetic, hormonal and stress induced compared to teen acne which is caused from puberty.  Regardless, DO NOT strip your skin.  This will only make the problem worse.  Instead, nourish and hydrate the skin, calm inflammation, exfoliate and decongest the skin, kill bacteria, regulate sebum production and work on ways to reduce or deal with the bad stressors in your life.
  • We have all been told not to pick, pop or squeeze but I learned what actually happens in the skin when we do this.  Ready to get down and dirty?  Here goes…if a follicle does not have a hair growing out of it, it can become plugged with skin cells, sebum and other debris creating the perfect environment for bacteria to grow thus creating a pimple.  When you squeeze it you can create what is called a high follicle break, this causes a break in the follicle wall allowing the bacteria to spread into the next follicle and so on which is why you might get pimples right next to each other.  When you have a pustule that you squeeze and pick at with no success you can create a low follicle break.  This is even worse because what happens now is all the bacteria can spread out into the dermis.  Your white blood cells go on high alert wanting to fight this bacteria but they can’t get to it for all the collagen and elastin in its way, so they chop it all down in order to get to the bacteria and kill it.  This is what leads to scarring and pits in the skin.  And in case you have forgotten…collagen and elastin is what we pay big money for when aging as once its gone, it will not come back!
  • Do not touch a pimple…lasts 5-8 days, pop, pick or squeeze and it lasts 2-3 weeks and can leave behind scarring and pigmentation.  Its just not worth it!  Let the body do what it does best and pick up some spot treatments to help it along.
  • Are you using Special Cleansing Gel or Clearing Skin Wash at home? These are super concentrated cleansers!  Use a dime size amount and add lots of water to your hands, gently working it up into thick bubbles before applying to the face.  I wasn’t doing this with my Special Cleansing Gel and my skin felt tight and apparently this is why!
  • Aside from the amazing things these products were developed for…
    • Clearing Mattifier is also a great under make up primer for those concerned with oil and shine. Perfect for brides and anyone else needing to keep a shine free look under the flash of cameras.
    • Overnight Clearing Gel is incredible for ingrown hairs after waxing and for Keratosis Pilaris (those little bumps on the back of your arms)
    • Breakout Control is safe for pregnant or breast feeding Mama’s as it is one product that does not contain salicylic acid
    • For all of you with PreCleanse at home (which if you don’t have this incredible product you need to get it…I can’t wash my face without it!) you can also use it to wash all your makeup brushes.

Stay tuned for an update on IonActive!  We are very excited to start offering you this incredible new treatment.


Warmest regards,

Marissa Willard