IonActive is your next best friend!

On day two of our Dermalogica course we learned all about IonActive, their highly active professional treatment line and are even more excited than we were before to bring it into the spa.

“Get more faster”

“Personalized therapy for visible results”

“Advanced results, limitless possiblilties”

All great tag lines but in this case, all true!  So what is it?

This treatment is 45 minutes long and includes the trademarked Dermalogica consultation, Face Mapping and double cleanse followed by customized Dermalogica Professional Exfoliant or MicroDermabrasion.  Now the magic happens!  With a fresh new canvas to work on, one of four IonActives are chosen to address your key concerns…

  1. Retinol 1%- Firming active concentrate addresses visible signs of aging such as fine lines and discoloration
  2. Oligopeptide- Brightening active concentrate helps inhibit pigmentation for a more balanced skin tone
  3. Niacinamide- Clearing active concentrate helps target and prevent breakouts on acne prone skin
  4. Hyaluronic Acid- Hydrating active concentrate delivers intense moisture to dry, dehydrated skin. (can you say Alberta!) Calms sensititized skin and preserves barrier function.

Once the IonActive has been massaged into the skin, in comes the gelloid!  A gelloid is a cross between a massage medium and a masque that helps drive the IonActives and their active ingredients deeper into the epidermis.  One gelloid becomes warm and is great for dehydrated, mature skin and the other turns cold and is perfect for sensitive, rosacea, and acneic skin types.

Beginning April 1st, we will be offering a complimentary upgrade from our Dermalogica Skin Treatment to an IonActive treatment, a $20 savings!  Not sure which skin treatment is best for you?  Book a complimentary skin care consultation with Vikki or Christine and get your skin on its best path!